Intro to SoSmartTv project

"Daj się poznać 2016" Competition began at the 1st of March so at the beginning couple of words what is it all about.

Daj się poznać 2016 (
Competition takes place from March to end of May. Rules are very simple:
  1. You need to start your own project in whatever technology you like to and publish your code on github.
  2. You need to post about the project two times per week during 10 weeks.
There are even some awards, but who cares about Das Keyboard and fancy chairs. Experience my friends, experience and fun. When last time did you have occasion to deliver some project from end to end on your own terms? Without big-headed architects and PM's, users for whom excel grid is best UX , old technologies forced by fossilized corporation? Seems i haven't for a long time ;)

SoSmartTv (github)
Have you ever had a situation when you want to watch a movie from your local digital library but you are too lazy to get up, bring your laptop, connect it to tv, click, tap, keystroke, play, close cover, sit back... get up because you've forgotten about a popcorn, open cover, hit space, etc etc...

Let me make life (of coach potatos) easier.
SoSmartTv will be application designed for Windows 10 written in UWP (Windows 10 IoT edition ready) that will allow you to manage and play videos from your local home library. Interaction will be available via:
  • Standard remote controller (HDMI-CEC).
  • Fancy smart-phone application (written in Cordova and this week hottest javascript framework).
  • Voice commands when your phone and remote are on the other end of the coach.

Lets code something awesome (or awful). Cheers!